Video and Infographics

Design plays a pivotal role in modern communications. Our in-house design team are integral to client delivery and sit across all Cicero Research practices.

Our mission is to make information simple and easily understood. Our design team are highly skilled in creating the effective and appropriate collateral to maximise the impact of your campaigns. We focus on using strong visuals that break down complex information into digestible and memorable content.

Our in-house creative team produces a wide range of collateral, including:

  • Infographics, data visualisation and web-graphics;
  • Video production, animation and filming;
  • Websites and microsites for desktop and mobile;
  • Social media artwork, content and campaigns;
  • Brochures, banners and marketing material; and
  • Graphic design, branding and identity development.
  • Our digital and design team makes things memorable, personal and, most importantly, simple.