Brand and comms testing

In both consumer and business markets it is vital to know how customers and other important stakeholders and influencers view your brand and how it compares with competitors in the market. Cicero Research’s brand perception assessments paint a clear picture of how well a company’s brand is differentiated and its strengths and weaknesses, and help identify attributes that are compelling to key customer segments. What is the brand USP or value proposition and how strongly does it resonate with the market? How should it be communicated most effectively to different customers and influencers and what messages should be emphasised in these communications? To what extent to employees understand and believe in the brand and how it is different from the competition?

Cicero Research’s brand and comms testing help clients find answers to these questions and many others, providing actionable insights about how to enhance the brand to make it more compelling to customers and prospects. Cicero Research also has the capability to

  • Track brands and competitor comparisons over time in order to assess changes in perception and act upon them appropriately
  • Assess core literature (both adviser and consumer facing) against FCA requirements to ensure your collateral is both effective and compliant.