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Thanks to pension reforms, there are now more options for using your private pension pot. Since April 2015, some people over 55 have greater freedom in how they can access their pension pots. Rather than pension savings being inaccessible and annuities being the default option for most consumers, the freedoms opened up a range of other options.

With this freedom was predicted a rise in the drawdown market (something that certainly came to pass – though it by no means meant the death of annuities) and, as such, a wider range of providers and asset managers were presented with an opportunity to strengthen their presence in this area of the market.

The call to action

F&C identified what they believed to be a strong opportunity to position and promote their Multi-Manager (MM) Navigator Distribution Fund ("NDF") together with its full range of MM funds as a serious consideration for advisers active in the expected expanded drawdown market following the latest pension’s reforms.

In order to position themselves as professionals in proposition development, securing insight to aid the development of the proposition and secure valuable PR content, F&C commissioned a piece of adviser research to explore how adviser retirement planning had changed post-freedoms, what solutions (or a blend of solutions) were being considered and how F&C could build credibility in this space.

The outcome

The study provided F&C with usable recommendations on how best to engage target advisers in order to maximise this market opportunity and was of direct use when setting their engagement strategy. The themes of the findings and recommendations were also used as the basis for a programme of F&C thought-leadership PR activity discussing the use Multi-Manager funds in the new world.