BlackRock is the world’s largest fund manager with operations in 30 countries. As of June 2014, BlackRock’s assets under management totaled $4.59 trillion across equity, fixed income, cash management, alternative investments, real estate and advisory strategies. In 2015, the company conducted research covering over 31,000 respondents in 20 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, and Asia to help understand what investors are thinking about their long-term financial futures

The call to action

The campaign seeks to highlight basic shortcomings in behaviour among global investors and encourage them to take a longer-term investment perspective.  A big element of the campaign has been to highlight the high proportion of household savings and investments which are currently held in cash.  We developed the concept of the SMART Investor with a number of basic steps which investors can take to help them take steps of out of cash and become better long-term investors.

The outcome

The research helped BlackRock to establish global insights on attitudes and behaviours among end investors. During the past year, the research has helped to garner press coverage in key markets including the US (CBS) and the UK (BBC). It has also provided insights which have informed BlackRock’s response to the Financial Advice Market Review in the UK, publication of a report focusing on the LGBT community, as well as publishing marketing brochures in all 20 survey countries.

“We have worked with Cicero for three years on our Investor Pulse programme which now covers 20 markets globally. Cicero are responsible for working with the in-house teams to design and execute the primary research, through to developing the deliverables for both internal and external consumption. These deliverables range from in-depth reports on particular topics of interest, or specific populations, to strategic counsel on press releases. What we value most is their thoughtfulness and advice on content, ensuring it is relevant, credible and independent. This has been crucial to establishing the study internally with internal stakeholders in many locations, as well as externally with clients and media”

Stephen Whitten, Research Manager, BlackRock